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Reducing our carbon foot print

The Global Pandemic has without a doubt put us all on our knees, but especially our industry, Music and Entertainment and forcing us all to look at different options to keep moving forward, but at the same time move closer to the ultimate goal of reducing our Carbon foot print. Like most companies we recycle everything that we can but we know we can do more.

One of the main niggles for us as a business is the amount of non recyclable shipping products that we were using - shrink wrap / tape / shipping label pockets / foam / bubble wrap etc. Lockdown #1 gave us the opportunity to research and explore all of the different options available to us in the United Kingdom. Hours of internet trawling, researching all of the different types of bio degradable and recyclable cardboard and cardboard tapes, phone calls to suppliers to make sure we are moving in the right direction to achieve our goals and then finally moving forward and testing.

In September 2020 we purchased all of the products required for testing, we then tested the products and materials for about two month before we fully committed, and we are happy with the results.

The video below focuses on the first steps we made, moving over to the new tape system;

The roll of cardboard is the same type and product we have been using from day 1 - no change as this is already recyclable.

The first tape is bio degradable and self sticky - this binds the package and holds it while we add the next tape

The second tape is water activated, once it is set up in the small desktop dispenser and water is added - it runs through wetting the inert glue - rip off at the required length - allow to go tacky and apply to the package - this layer (once dry) adheres to the cardboard as though it is the actual cardboard, effectively making it one piece - this tape is also tamper evident tape, it is cross layered with fiber making it quite evident is the package has been tampered with, it is also 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The down sides to this move so far:

1: it takes an average of 15 minutes longer to complete each package - but with time this average should be reduced

2: The courier shipping label pockets are not currently 100% recyclable - we are looking into options

3. The total cost of products purchased (from different companies) for testing was £500 + vat (which is nothing compared to achieving our goal)

In the end we settled on products that we purchased from, (no this is not a product endorsement !!)

So to summarize, we are well on our way to achieving our business goal of reducing our carbon foot print with shipping products and it feels GOOD!

Stay safe people, and when the world's stages open again we want to see everyone performing LIVE !!!

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