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The Rebel Neon Ion has a perforated stainless steel main body and incorpoartes wireless controlled multicolour RGB LED's within the main pole which are syched to its Rebel Halo base which has LED's around the underside edge of the base creating a unique ring of light on the floor around the base. Our copyright rechargeable base unit allows the artist to perform live and interact with the mic stand without being plugged into the mains voltage. There are no bulky wires restricting the performance and no trailing wires to trip on. You can choose the type of LED control you need depending on specific set up and requirements, we offer an infrared (ir) handheld remote control which can be controlled by the artists themselves via 3m line of sight or someone close by or alternatively you can choose to have the stand set up with wireless DMX512 control instead which enables the stand to be controlled via your own DMX lighting control desk. 

(A flight case will be included in the quoted price, this is required for shipping and transport purposes - we cannot ship without one.)

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