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David Harms custom microphone commission via Shure UK

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

We were commissioned by Shure UK to create a custom SM58 wired microphone incorporating artwork by Berlin based artist Daniel Harms

"Harms’ trademark is showcased through his colorful aesthetic which depicts characters in scenarios coinciding with time and space. Daniel creates art evolving around the themes of alienation and connection".

The piece we chose was from his "Falsche Helden oder mutige Irre“ series as you can see its very detailed and intricate and not an easy task to replicate onto a microphone, but we like a challenge!

Here is a quick video showing the process and completed mic;

Check out Daniel Harms Instagram post of the great unveiling!

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1 comentário

03 de out. de 2020

Cool first Blog !!! - this project was intense ! but great fun. A project like this is always a little nervy because it is for a World Recognized Artist and we are trying to replicate the artists work, give it the correct amount of respect and justice to every brush stroke - scary really.... Daniel Harms Instagram response: "Perfect match ! Thanx to everyone @shure and @rebeltradingco"

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